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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment that protects us from injury. We provide series of PPE range from the cap, safety goggles, face shield, surgical mask to isolation gown, apron, surgical gloves, and shoe cover. PPE is not only important in protecting us from diseases but also stop spreading pathogens further.

Personal Care

Under the pandemic, to protect yourself and your patients, it is important to maintain good hygiene and a clean workplace. Follow the guidelines for personal hygiene, routine cleaning, disinfecting, terminal cleaning.

Wound Management

All essential dressing your patient needed. We provide a number of essential dressing materials for wound care, such as gauze, cotton ball, non-woven dressing, cotton pad, cotton applicator, and dressing set which facilitate the efficiency of the wound care management.

Incontinence Management

Urinary incontinence is a common and stressful problem, which affect our daily life. For some situations, catheterization is an essential procedure for urination management. We help to facilitate the catheterization procedure by disposable kits, different sizes of a foley catheter, urine bag and other accessories as a total solution.

Enteral Management

Adequate nutrition plays an indispensable role in keeping us healthy. However, when oral intake is compromised, artificial nutritional support will be necessary to make sure we have enough nutrition for our daily activities. We provide series of support for enteral feeding from feeding bag and pump machine, feeding tube to pH paper, and the different sizes of enteral feeder for best enternal management.

Medical Consumable and Device

Bluetooth ECG monitor, non-contact thermometers, pulse oximeters, etc., are medical consumables that can help to improve the efficiency of medical or health management and speed up the management process.

Blood Glucose Management

Blood glucose level is an essential measurement of your health. We offer a full range of Blood Glucose measurement solutions such as insulin syringes, alcohol pads, lancet, blood glucose meters, and test strips. Understand our blood glucose levels is the first step to keep us healthy.